A downloadable game

You play as a succubus who can transform into people. You will grow stronger by serving your nature, preying on people's weakness, depravity, and fantasies.

Minimal action combat.

Find events from common conversations.


Deprived sexual predator draining life out of the victim willing or unwilling. Capable of gaining traits of humans, she transforms into. Humans attack on sight.


Transform 1

Innocent and ignorant. Often misses obvious signs of danger leading into trouble or even danger. Capable when someone is in need of genuine help too.


Transform 2

Emotionless, straightforward, practical, attracts the wrong crowd with her passive attitude. Her stone face gives her a look of confidence.

Transform 3

Nymphomaniac, in constant need of unique sexual experiences, not too picky either. Consent tends to be optional, backed by mysterious strength.


Major tags (3 or more scenes)

Rape/Forced/Reverse rape, Seduced, Emotionless sex, Yuri, Loli, Bathing, Femdom.

Minor tags (1-2 scenes)

Exhibitionism, Somnophilia, Milking, Deceit, Drunk, Helpless, Molesting, Futanari.

State of the game

MAP 100%

Quests 100% (Game logic without pictures and "sex dialog")

Playable character design 100%

Pictures 60%

Sound 20%

Mechanics 100%


Prostitution (side quest) ?%

Pictures! 30 events,  x < 20 minor events,  possible variants.

Tracking system for quests.


Unconventional ending.

Potential addition

Follower events (changes some events slightly based on earlier choices).

Update conversation to fit your current transform, even outside quest lines.


2-3 months for playable version.

Development log


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Can't wait to play TRC! if it's as good as your other games I'm sure I will love it!




Sound pretty good